VIDEO: Understanding the relationship between everyday risk and urban development – video reports from Lima

The practice module of the Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development from the Development Planning Unit (DPU) of the University College London (UCL) taught by Adriana Allen and Rita Lambert is designed to plug into the action research project cLIMA sin Riesgo. Here, participants examined the everyday risks and their impact on people’s lives and investments.

The research undertaken seeks to further the understanding of the relationship between everyday risk and urban development in Metropolitan Lima and to develop an environmental action plan in collaboration with local communities and organisations for selected case studies within this jurisdiction. Six areas were selected to ground the investigation: Costa Verde, Barrios Altos, El Agustino, José Carlos Mariátegui, Chuquitanta and Pachacamac. These were chosen in consultation with our local partners Foro Ciudades Para la Vida, CENCA and CIDAP, and offer unique readings of the city, enabling a better understanding of the urbanization processes, institutional, private and local communities practices, and socio-environmental trends operating in Metropolitan Lima.

The research included a four month desk-study in which the analysis and synthesis of secondary information was undertaken, as well as a three week fieldwork, in Lima, dedicated to mapping and the collection of primary information in each of the case studies. We invite you to look at the report and videos produced as part of the project.

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Barrios Altos:

Costa Verde:

El Agustino:

José Carlos Mariátegui: